Friday, June 19, 2009

My new Business Cards!

Yay! Finally have them ordered & hope to be recieving them shortly.......though "on or by 7/7/2009" doesn't really scream SOON :)

Half & Half Ain't Just For Coffee Anymore!

Hi Everyone! Thought it was time to post some pictures of the most recent things I have finished :)
This first painting was more of an experiment as I loved the sketch, but did not know if I liked how it translated in a painting.....
Turns out I loved it & I have at least 2 more in
that "style" in the works. Have also included a close-up to see the 3-D detail :)

<-----This was Cliff's Father's Day gift. Why am I posting BEFORE Father's Day you ask? Because apparently when you work with little ones, they CAN'T KEEP A SECRET!
Either way he loved it as did I, and it's a great way to "mark" where the boys are size-wise for years to come.

Finally, this was the latest cupcake I worked on----she asked to include the colors black/white/silver and blue to match her kitchen. I NEVER get tired of the cupcakes!
So there you go-------I have a few more things in the works....but it just takes fun out of them to post before they are finished! As a follow-up to my last post----I did attend the EWC meeting and had a great time. The women there were incredibly warm and welcoming, and apparently they have a scheduled "activity" at each meeting, what was this month's? Painting. :) It's like they knew I was coming. We all painted ceramic tiles that the Hobby Shop on base donated-------when mine is fired I will post a pic, because....what do you think I painted on it?
*****Also, I would love to ask for YOUR input. I want to make more of my "funny food" smaller paintings. So far you have seen:
Salt & Pepper "A Perfect Pair"
Bacon & Egg " Involved & Committed"
Donut & Coffee "A Balanced Breakfast"
Sushi "Me Love You Long Time"
Sushi #2 "Sushi For One"
I want YOU to give me your ideas for more funny foods------there are some I have planned I just haven't painted yet.....but I would love to hear what you can come up with! So just leave a comment with your idea, and if I use it I will credit YOU with the inspiration.
I am off to finish organizing my Scentsy testers (did you know there are over 80 SCENTS? There really is something for everyone!), and to finish planning my "Scentsy Launch Party" for June 30th here at my home. If you will be in the area, be sure to drop by! And remember-----we have a beautiful Patriotic Burner for this month (Coconut Palm is the scent of the month...and is also 10% off!).....and next month is a Baseball burner and bubblegum scent!
Love & Cupcakes Everyone!
Lo *CP's Resident Art Monkey*

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

EWC Meeting

So---I have been invited to take part in this month's Enlisted Wives Club meeting. From what I understand this month focus is on homemade crafts and at-home businesses. The VP found my blog & asked me to come and set up a table--------yay! I have been wanting to join the EWC and this gives me the perfect opportunity---both to meet new women out here and to promote CFC :)

On another fun side note---I have now ordered my new "official" business cards.......'cause nothing says "professional" like printed-at-home business cards LOL

So tomorrow is set up & then the meeting is at 7pm------plan to take more of my popular pieces (as well as a piece that is being raffled off), and hope to garner some new orders. I have an entire new series I am working on & will post the first of (who knows how many), soon.

*******I also have taken up the position of Independent Scentsy Consultant. If you haven't heard of Scentsy you are really missing out-----if you love for YOUR home to smell amazing check it out at:

Have a great "rest of the week" everyone-------husband is gone *again* this time to 29 Palms for the night, so I am hoping to get more work done for the meeting tomorrow. Will also be debuting my new line of coasters------cute, bright and completely customizable!

Love & Cupcakes

Friday, June 5, 2009

Newest Work-Custom Orders

These are some of the newest pieces I have finished! Things have been busy around here and I am happy to have gotten so much finished this week :)
The first two pieces also have photos to show the detail.....frustrating at times because a lot of the (very time-intensive) detail just doesn't show up in pictures! The "Happy Place" piece was a custom order (she wanted the heart & quote, the rest was left to me), and each of the circles as you can see, include lots of smaller details....they each also have their own pale green Swarovski crystal!
The "Sushi for One" is also a custom order and was made to be a partner to my previous Sushi piece. I have mixed an additive into the paint and if you look in the up close picture you will see that the rice is 3-D. Pieces can always be made WITHOUT the the 3-D elements......but frankly I think that's what makes them different. :)
The last photo may look familiar as I have made the salt & pepper "Perfect Pair" shakers before-----this was a custom order for a previous customer to match the equally bright pieces I have already completed for her kitchen.
*******Excited to have these fun pieces completed as now I have time to work on MORE orders! The Etsy shop has been a wonderful thing & I encourage you to go and have a look around, as I will be adding new pieces all the time! Also---feel free to contact me to do a custom piece for YOU, and I will set up a custom listing in my shop.
Have a fantastic weekend everyone!
Love & Cupcakes
Lo *CP's Resident Art Monkey*

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shanna's Shop Sign

These are the newest pieces I have completed-----these were for a girlfriend of mine here on base, for her in-home hair salon. I wanted to do something bright & fun, and something that she could carry over wherever she sets up shop next.

I am super happy with how they turned out--------& I have lots of other fun things in the works! Also, a big THANK YOU for my first Etsy purchase-----you know who you are----thank you for your support & for being a doll. You know WHEN you get out here I will make you whatever you want!

Love & Cupcakes----Off to paint!