Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Anyone here?

Well I am, I promise....... :) I know I have all but left my blog for lost, but what's important is that I am back. The focus if you have started to notice has turned to Scentsy.......while I still love to paint and continue to do so in my spare time, Scentsy has become a true business to me. For both my friends and customers, you know that I have been a Director for awhile now and I am working hard to be promoted, so that is my goal for 2012.....to become a Star Director. With a group of over 200+, I train, mentor and also continue to work my own business----------without all of you it would not have been possible, so I thank you! "Calorie-Free Creations" will now be the place to get information on new Scentsy products, as well as what's going on in my life....I would love for you all to continue on with me on my journey :)

With that being said, if you HAVEN'T heard, we are now in our new Spring/Summer catalog! Hugely exciting for all of us involved because of not only the new products (warmers, scents, etc)....but also the arrival of new BABY Buddies, and the arrival of the new Layers by Scentsy line!

Layers is *amazing* and along with bath & body products, also offers laundry care items to make sure that EVERYTHING is Scentsy fresh!

Back to those Baby Buddies.............. SO CUTE. That about sums them up. At about half the size of their counterparts, they are the PERFECT addition to Easter baskets and are just about too cute for words.

So......if you would like to see more of these amazing products....

"Bride" for example.... head on over to www.laurenbowen.scentsy.us to check them out!