Saturday, May 30, 2009


To all of my *faithful* followers.....

my etsy shop is now open for business!

Swing on over to to see what's for sale. And to the great women of Camp Pendleton and the PU....if you identify yourself before purchase I will apply a military discount!

Thank you to everyone------now I am off to bed as it is now 1:30am! (yikes!).....Time for some the meanwhile, sweet dreams...and happy shopping!

Love & Cupcakes

Monday, May 25, 2009

Store Opening!

So....I offically have, not only a e-mail address set up for the company, I now also have an Etsy shop! You can locate me here:

****I have not added my listings to the shop yet, but they WILL be finished by this weekend. For now you can mosey around and check out the set up, I also am available to take custom orders in the meanwhile----let me know what you want & I can set up a personal listing.

Yay! Big things-----also a possible Vndor Fair again THIS weekend, will let you know if I will be participating, if so you should drop by----Wire Mountain 3 housing here on base.

Until then----everyone enjoy their Memorial Day & remember WHY this day is so important----go hug a Veteran!

Love & Cupcakes,

Sunday, May 24, 2009

With that being said.....

Well....the vendor fair was both good & bad. The bad was that I had several factors working against me----

it was a holiday weekend here on base

it was NOT a payday weekend

it was NOT in a very well-known area on base...

...with that being said, there was a huge upside.
I came into contact with some of the nicest girls-----and for the first time was able to show my art in person & talk about it to people (other than my verrrrryyyyy supportive husband). I was told more times than not that my art was "SO much cuter in person than online"...not sure whether that means that they just thought it was beautiful in person...or that I am just a really crappy photographer?

I will take pictures soon------but in bringing back much of the pieces, I have turned my dining room area into a makeshift "studio/art gallery"------I will keep all pieces that are completed & up for sell displayed here in my home. Not only will it keep them from getting damaged & dusty in some corner of a will allow them to brighten up MY home until they find a home of their own :) Plus---I believe that art should be treated with respect....many hours were put into each and every piece, so they shouldn't be walked on.....all except for the floor cloths of course, that's what they are made for! lol

So I now have my "studio" set up & a few orders on the table....and a trip planned for this next weekend to my Michael's Mecca for supplies. Also will begin work on setting up my new shop on prayers sent my way for this venture to be successful would be greatly appreciated!

To my BIL & SIL and their words of support today, I THANK YOU------sometimes it's nice to hear that you love the things that I do. Like I have said before----this would be amazing as an added source of income for my family (with the economy like it is, not sure who WOULDN'T benefit from extra income), but for now if it can just cover the cost of the supplies I will be thrilled. I have truly found something that I love to do....and strangely enough, people like my art! I feel very blessed------thank you to everyone who has supported me & my family with the start of this new company.

Off to work on an order that already has me smiling.......she wanted a painting that I already had finished...but wanted hers with (and I quote) "an obnoxiously bright color for a background" can you NOT love an order like that? ....and for the record, we decided to go with a bright pink that would make most people's eyes bleed, I love my job!

"Maker of cupcakes that WON'T make you fat!"

Friday, May 22, 2009

Vendor Fair Preview

So......finally it has worked! This cupcake pic below is my pride & joy------it is my first floorcloth & I adore it so much I almost hope it doesn't sell :) If you aren't familiar with floor cloths, scroll down a few posts and learn all about them. Now that it worked I am off to watch Criminal Minds with the hubby & get to bed....a long (and fun!) day tomorrow!

This is the enitire "Love is Patient, Love is Kind" passage.....a labor of love, as it took f-o-r-e-v-e-r to finish!

An alphabet piece, perfect for a playroom, child's bedroom, or daycare center!

And a frame to match my "B" I painted months ago------have had a lot of interest in the "Blue Skies" pattern....plan to use it on upcoming projects as well

So----here are a few of the things I have completed for this weekend----some similar to others, but for the most part I have tried to branch out & try some new things....guess we will see how it pays off!

Had planned to upload the other pics I had of the last of the projects but my photo-uploader thingy has decided to take the night off grrrrrrrr When it is back up again I will pop them on here!

Nighty Night everyone-----keep your fingers crossed that the fair goes well tomorrow or I may really become a "starving artist"!

Price List!

With the Vendor Fair tomorrow I remembered...I don't have a price list yet! I have prices for all of the pieces tomorrow...but this gives you a rough idea of what to expect...
I am hoping that there is a good turnout as I have been hard at work all week to have NEW fun things to debut-----to those of you that follow my blog, you will get a sneak peek, as I plan to post the pictures of all the new art tonight. I can say that several of the pieces were my favorite----and seeing as they all have their own "personality", they all have names as well!
One more project to finish & I will be ready with bells on for tomorrow morning-------------------and a special "Thank You" to my sweetheart of a husband. He has come home each day to a kitchen that is a wreck, a dining room that is my makeshift "studio"....and almost everything we own in these 2 rooms, COVERED in paint. What has his response been each day? To take my little monsters out to the park so that I can finish up what I am working on........remember, all of this has been done while my 4 1/2 & 2 1/2 year old run wild throughout the house!
Calorie-Free Creations
“All the Pleasure, None of the Guilt!”

Price List:
Wood burned Spoons-$3/each or set(4) for$10
Picture Frames-$10-$30
Baby Block Boxes-$8 & Up
Floor Cloths-Price upon Request
Stools- Quotes Available
Custom work welcome!

Paintings (boards)
4x6 canvas boards-$8/each, $20/set of 3
5x7 canvas boards-$10/custom designs extra
8x10 canvas boards (most popular size!)
$20/custom designs extra

Paintings (Wrapped Canvas)
16x20 (most popular size!) Price Varies
Other sizes (smaller & larger) available on request

****Due to supply cost, a 50% Deposit is required on all artwork, and all monogrammed or personal pieces must be paid in full for work to begin.
Discounts available for larger or multiple orders!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Frames, and Mirrors and Floor cloths Oh My!

...And so it begins. That is how I feel going into this week ahead. What most of you may not know is that I had a job interview last "dream" job working for a million-dollar spa. I was offered the job on the spot...and I turned it down. Crazy right? Right now we are in recession and I turned down a job.....somehow though I know that I am going in the right "direction" for once. While my art may not be "paying the rent" yet, it is one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done. Like my Diddy said, "sometimes it's not about how much money there is to be made, you will never be paid what something is worth, but if you can at least over your cost and do something you love....well there you go"

So with all of that being said, this week is all about forging ahead. I have my first "vendor" fair this weekend here on base and I could not be more excited. If you are going to be in Southern California...stop on by! I have several larger pieces that will be up for sale, including most of what is pictured here on the blog......if there is a piece you HAVE to have & it has been sold, just message me & I can most likely make you another!

Also for this vendor fair I am going to be debuting several "new" items-----custom painted picture frames, custom mirrors, painted wooden letters, some new "food" themed canvas, as well as my first floor cloth. If you are not familiar with floor cloths you HAVE to look into them. Simply put they are sealed pieces of canvas-type fabric that are painted/varnished/and used to decorate. They can be used as table runners, place mats, rugs, wall-hangings.....just about anything you can come up with! What makes them so popular is the upkeep involved...almost none! When dirty you simply wipe off with a damp rag and you're done, that is what makes them prime "rug" options for messier places like the kitchen or bathroom. One side note-----they are often rather thin, and if using on a slick or hardwood floor, you will NEED to put some sort of foam rug stay to keep it in one place. you can see, for "Calorie-Free Creations" will be a busy week ahead! I currently have around 14 ITEMS that are in various stages of sketching/priming/painting/varnishing/drying.....Momma, I'm sorry but you would be aghast at the state of my dining area right now...everything is covered with painting supplies! One other things worth mentioning...I have decided that after this next weekends' showing, I WILL be starting my new Etsy shop!

There you go----all the news from my little corner of the world-----a ton of work to do, a show to prepare for, and a shop to start.......BUSYBUSYBUSY and I couldn't be happier :) ****Also earlier this evening as my husband & I were watching the "Survivor" finale (Go J.T.!!!), we felt our 1st earthquake! A 5.0 out of Northern California......only one small picture knocked over but it had my side lamp rocking back & forth.....w.o.w, what a night!

Good night everyone, heading to bed to prepare for a long paint-filled day tomorrow. To paintbrush wishes & acrylic paint dreams!

Your resident art monkey,

Monday, May 11, 2009

The start of the "Just Add Sprinkles" line...and C'est La Vie!

This first piece is part 1 of a 2-part order that I am working on---------------she supplied the idea and I ran with it. I ended up liking this one so much I may make one for my own home! This is another of my larger wrapped-canvas pieces (16 x 20)

This is the 1st of (hopefully) many bar stools to come. This one is part of the "Just Add Sprinkles" line with the thought that you CAN have your cupcake and eat it too.'s bound to have less calories than an entire cake!
Have been dealing with a sick little one (my oldest has his first sprained ankle)----so that has put me a little behind where I wanted to be-----------nonetheless, I think the designs are fun & would be a great addition to ANY house. ::hint hint:: And as someone asked before----Yes I DO have a paypal account, and for most items I CAN ship!
Thank you all for your continued support-----I am happy & doing something that I love...and in turn can make someone else happy!
With Love & Sprinkles!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

School Days & Dark Humor

So this breakfast one has gone through several names in the past few hours.....the final nod has been given to my Diddy's : "Involved & Committed" in, "the Chicken was involve but the Pig was committed." Yeah, dark humor runs in our family...gotta love it! I just love how terrified he looks! lol

The cupcake is the one I have done for my own kitchen with the hopes of a matching stool soon to follow----------and my newest series "School Days", as my oldest Ethan will be.....wait for it.....starting KINDERGARTEN this year! I couldn't believe it...I was still looking into Pre-K programs and apparently with some changes made in the California school systems he will be old enough THIS year. Yay!

This set also got me thinking about...if THIS is a set of "healthy" things for kids, what would the "healthy" things be for adults? a glass of wine, slice of cake & Excedrin? A tofu burger, wheat grass shot & a book on meditation for the California crowd? Or maybe one for my husband....a steak, cigar & a beer? Hmmmmm will have to think more on this as I go...if any of YOU have ideas let me know. If that idea goes on to inspire my greatest works I promise I'll give you 10% of my fortune....maybe.

Good night Folks---and remember, eat a cupcake! (or in my case, these super yummy chocolate-covered oreos Lani sent me....YUM YUM!)


Country Art

So.......I am finally finished with my largest piece! This was a 18 x 20 wrapped canvas that was ordered to match her kitchen decor. I was given the curtains as a reference and told to run with it, with the only request being to NOT make the apples plaid on the interior. LOVED this when it was finished (as did she, yay!), and I'm not even much of a "apple" fan.
I think I enjoyed this one in particular as it reminded me of home. I am from the South & though my momma's kitchen was not decorated in apples, this reminded me of the art from down South. If I were to paint ANYTHING for my momma's kitchen it would have to be red/black & white like my own kitchen....but instead of fat "French Chefs" it would have to be something to relate to Coke-Cola. Don't you dare bring a Pepsi in that woman's house!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Ventures

So......after investing some of my profits (ok ALL), back into this company I have more supplies and need nothing but *time* to work on them. I will be working on some new things this month & I am super excited. Some of my focus will be on more art with a pastel feel, more of a "nursery" decor as I now have a backer that wants to promote me on her baby boutique site!

Also I am now going to attempt to branch into custom furniture, starting with taller kitchen stools. We'll see how it goes.....if it turns out great than that will be one more thing I offer & if not I will have a bangin' new addition to my kitchen!

Well we have a great class to attend this morning at our new church North Coast ( so I am off, enjoy your day & have something sweet!


Friday, May 1, 2009

Memory Boxes, or "For Those Who Have No Time To Scrapbook"

While these were done some time ago, I am adding them to the list of items available. These are memory boxes (these were done for my sons), painted & decoupaged with quotes/photos/stickers or anything you want to add. I have used these to store greeting cards from their first few years & letters I have written to them for when they are older.

Prices for these will HAVE to be on request as the type of container you choose factors into the cost.