Wednesday, May 6, 2009

School Days & Dark Humor

So this breakfast one has gone through several names in the past few hours.....the final nod has been given to my Diddy's : "Involved & Committed" in, "the Chicken was involve but the Pig was committed." Yeah, dark humor runs in our family...gotta love it! I just love how terrified he looks! lol

The cupcake is the one I have done for my own kitchen with the hopes of a matching stool soon to follow----------and my newest series "School Days", as my oldest Ethan will be.....wait for it.....starting KINDERGARTEN this year! I couldn't believe it...I was still looking into Pre-K programs and apparently with some changes made in the California school systems he will be old enough THIS year. Yay!

This set also got me thinking about...if THIS is a set of "healthy" things for kids, what would the "healthy" things be for adults? a glass of wine, slice of cake & Excedrin? A tofu burger, wheat grass shot & a book on meditation for the California crowd? Or maybe one for my husband....a steak, cigar & a beer? Hmmmmm will have to think more on this as I go...if any of YOU have ideas let me know. If that idea goes on to inspire my greatest works I promise I'll give you 10% of my fortune....maybe.

Good night Folks---and remember, eat a cupcake! (or in my case, these super yummy chocolate-covered oreos Lani sent me....YUM YUM!)


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