Monday, May 11, 2009

The start of the "Just Add Sprinkles" line...and C'est La Vie!

This first piece is part 1 of a 2-part order that I am working on---------------she supplied the idea and I ran with it. I ended up liking this one so much I may make one for my own home! This is another of my larger wrapped-canvas pieces (16 x 20)

This is the 1st of (hopefully) many bar stools to come. This one is part of the "Just Add Sprinkles" line with the thought that you CAN have your cupcake and eat it too.'s bound to have less calories than an entire cake!
Have been dealing with a sick little one (my oldest has his first sprained ankle)----so that has put me a little behind where I wanted to be-----------nonetheless, I think the designs are fun & would be a great addition to ANY house. ::hint hint:: And as someone asked before----Yes I DO have a paypal account, and for most items I CAN ship!
Thank you all for your continued support-----I am happy & doing something that I love...and in turn can make someone else happy!
With Love & Sprinkles!

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