Sunday, May 24, 2009

With that being said.....

Well....the vendor fair was both good & bad. The bad was that I had several factors working against me----

it was a holiday weekend here on base

it was NOT a payday weekend

it was NOT in a very well-known area on base...

...with that being said, there was a huge upside.
I came into contact with some of the nicest girls-----and for the first time was able to show my art in person & talk about it to people (other than my verrrrryyyyy supportive husband). I was told more times than not that my art was "SO much cuter in person than online"...not sure whether that means that they just thought it was beautiful in person...or that I am just a really crappy photographer?

I will take pictures soon------but in bringing back much of the pieces, I have turned my dining room area into a makeshift "studio/art gallery"------I will keep all pieces that are completed & up for sell displayed here in my home. Not only will it keep them from getting damaged & dusty in some corner of a will allow them to brighten up MY home until they find a home of their own :) Plus---I believe that art should be treated with respect....many hours were put into each and every piece, so they shouldn't be walked on.....all except for the floor cloths of course, that's what they are made for! lol

So I now have my "studio" set up & a few orders on the table....and a trip planned for this next weekend to my Michael's Mecca for supplies. Also will begin work on setting up my new shop on prayers sent my way for this venture to be successful would be greatly appreciated!

To my BIL & SIL and their words of support today, I THANK YOU------sometimes it's nice to hear that you love the things that I do. Like I have said before----this would be amazing as an added source of income for my family (with the economy like it is, not sure who WOULDN'T benefit from extra income), but for now if it can just cover the cost of the supplies I will be thrilled. I have truly found something that I love to do....and strangely enough, people like my art! I feel very blessed------thank you to everyone who has supported me & my family with the start of this new company.

Off to work on an order that already has me smiling.......she wanted a painting that I already had finished...but wanted hers with (and I quote) "an obnoxiously bright color for a background" can you NOT love an order like that? ....and for the record, we decided to go with a bright pink that would make most people's eyes bleed, I love my job!

"Maker of cupcakes that WON'T make you fat!"

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