Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Country Art

So.......I am finally finished with my largest piece! This was a 18 x 20 wrapped canvas that was ordered to match her kitchen decor. I was given the curtains as a reference and told to run with it, with the only request being to NOT make the apples plaid on the interior. LOVED this when it was finished (as did she, yay!), and I'm not even much of a "apple" fan.
I think I enjoyed this one in particular as it reminded me of home. I am from the South & though my momma's kitchen was not decorated in apples, this reminded me of the art from down South. If I were to paint ANYTHING for my momma's kitchen it would have to be red/black & white like my own kitchen....but instead of fat "French Chefs" it would have to be something to relate to Coke-Cola. Don't you dare bring a Pepsi in that woman's house!

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