Sunday, May 17, 2009

Frames, and Mirrors and Floor cloths Oh My!

...And so it begins. That is how I feel going into this week ahead. What most of you may not know is that I had a job interview last "dream" job working for a million-dollar spa. I was offered the job on the spot...and I turned it down. Crazy right? Right now we are in recession and I turned down a job.....somehow though I know that I am going in the right "direction" for once. While my art may not be "paying the rent" yet, it is one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done. Like my Diddy said, "sometimes it's not about how much money there is to be made, you will never be paid what something is worth, but if you can at least over your cost and do something you love....well there you go"

So with all of that being said, this week is all about forging ahead. I have my first "vendor" fair this weekend here on base and I could not be more excited. If you are going to be in Southern California...stop on by! I have several larger pieces that will be up for sale, including most of what is pictured here on the blog......if there is a piece you HAVE to have & it has been sold, just message me & I can most likely make you another!

Also for this vendor fair I am going to be debuting several "new" items-----custom painted picture frames, custom mirrors, painted wooden letters, some new "food" themed canvas, as well as my first floor cloth. If you are not familiar with floor cloths you HAVE to look into them. Simply put they are sealed pieces of canvas-type fabric that are painted/varnished/and used to decorate. They can be used as table runners, place mats, rugs, wall-hangings.....just about anything you can come up with! What makes them so popular is the upkeep involved...almost none! When dirty you simply wipe off with a damp rag and you're done, that is what makes them prime "rug" options for messier places like the kitchen or bathroom. One side note-----they are often rather thin, and if using on a slick or hardwood floor, you will NEED to put some sort of foam rug stay to keep it in one place. you can see, for "Calorie-Free Creations" will be a busy week ahead! I currently have around 14 ITEMS that are in various stages of sketching/priming/painting/varnishing/drying.....Momma, I'm sorry but you would be aghast at the state of my dining area right now...everything is covered with painting supplies! One other things worth mentioning...I have decided that after this next weekends' showing, I WILL be starting my new Etsy shop!

There you go----all the news from my little corner of the world-----a ton of work to do, a show to prepare for, and a shop to start.......BUSYBUSYBUSY and I couldn't be happier :) ****Also earlier this evening as my husband & I were watching the "Survivor" finale (Go J.T.!!!), we felt our 1st earthquake! A 5.0 out of Northern California......only one small picture knocked over but it had my side lamp rocking back & forth.....w.o.w, what a night!

Good night everyone, heading to bed to prepare for a long paint-filled day tomorrow. To paintbrush wishes & acrylic paint dreams!

Your resident art monkey,

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