Thursday, December 10, 2009

Adding to the Christmas List......

So I am a MASSIVE fan of the website/blog/addiction otherwise known as .........on this site I have found some amazing recipes and some of the cutest cupcake *STUFF*.....thus the name huh?

Well one of the massively wonderful things I cam across were from the Etsy shop of Littleanu

She has several cute things, but her hand-painted cupcake pillows just take the (cup)cake! ha!

They range in size from "Snackie-Size (7"-8"), to Regular-size (13"-14"), all the way up to Large...otherwise known as "Be thankful it's fat free!" (16"-17")

Backed with recycled & cozy t-shirts, they are a sure fit for ANY cupcake lover.......and that is exactly why I have one headed MY way! <-------check her out!

Also worth mentioning is the CUTEST soap dish ever.....(GREAT idea honey for Christmas.....wink wink) from the Etsy shop Edwood.

Made from natural cedar & a mere 5"x5"x3/4", this cupcake soap dish is a MUST..........ok maybe not a must, but a "I really really want it!"

This will almost make standing at the sink fun!

Though it is is completely functional, I think I would have to display this on the wall......

To get one of your very own (and at a SUPER low price of $8), head here------>

What a difference a year makes......


This was something I posted right around this time last year.....

I am happy to say that my husband WILL be spending this Christmas at home with me & our boys.......but I know there are SO many military families missing one or more loved ones this Holiday season.

Please keep these families in your thoughts-----often time I have heard that people don't know what to say to someone who has a spouse deployed.....well, the right words aren't necessarily important. Just letting them know that they are not forgotten and that you are there to lean on, well that mean a lot.

*****Also, in case you are one of those 3 or so people living under a rock and you HAVEN'T heard about Toys For is an AMAZING charity benefiting military families (should you feel so inclined), with donation spots as close as your local Recruiting Office or Wal-mart, it is also one of the easiest to give to.

Love & Cupcakes.....and you know what, MERRY CHRISTMAS! I'm tired of everything I see saying Happy Holidays or Seasons has ans always will be (to me and my family at least) CHRISTMAS! :)


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful...........more like 53 and heavy rain!

Where has the time gone?? More importantly, where did all this rain come from? I thought it never rained in Southern California!

Over this last month in a half I have been:

wrapping presents,
decorating for Christmas,
helping my oldest with school projects,
working on Scentsy orders,
wrapping more presents,

....oh, and painting!

I have included a picture from the Marine Corps Ball that my hubby & I attended last month. Very big deal for the Marine Corps, and for us as well.........this was our 7th!

Seeing as he was deployed for the Ball last year and will be again for 2010, it was especially bittersweet.

As for all of my new and wonderful paintings......well you are just going to have to wait to see them! I painted most of the presents for family & seeing as they read this, well I don't want to give them a sneak peek! ::laugh:: Though I will say that a few of the items are rather different than what I usually tend to do, I am very pleased with how they turned out.

****As for all the cleaning mentioned in-laws will be here in 4 DAYS! With all the painting and wrapping and such, let's just say that it was very much needed (in-laws or not!) We are thrilled to have them out here as I have not seen them (or my own parents :( in almost a year. My boys are also thrilled, it is always such a treat to have family make the journey out here.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season, no matter how stressful things may get remember to always count your blessings........and to think of those less fortunate.

Love & Cupcakes,