Thursday, December 10, 2009

Adding to the Christmas List......

So I am a MASSIVE fan of the website/blog/addiction otherwise known as .........on this site I have found some amazing recipes and some of the cutest cupcake *STUFF*.....thus the name huh?

Well one of the massively wonderful things I cam across were from the Etsy shop of Littleanu

She has several cute things, but her hand-painted cupcake pillows just take the (cup)cake! ha!

They range in size from "Snackie-Size (7"-8"), to Regular-size (13"-14"), all the way up to Large...otherwise known as "Be thankful it's fat free!" (16"-17")

Backed with recycled & cozy t-shirts, they are a sure fit for ANY cupcake lover.......and that is exactly why I have one headed MY way! <-------check her out!

Also worth mentioning is the CUTEST soap dish ever.....(GREAT idea honey for Christmas.....wink wink) from the Etsy shop Edwood.

Made from natural cedar & a mere 5"x5"x3/4", this cupcake soap dish is a MUST..........ok maybe not a must, but a "I really really want it!"

This will almost make standing at the sink fun!

Though it is is completely functional, I think I would have to display this on the wall......

To get one of your very own (and at a SUPER low price of $8), head here------>

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