Monday, October 11, 2010

Back in Business!!!


I can't believe it's been almost a year. I HAVE been working in that period, but because of medical issues....kid issues and LIFE issues, well I hadn't had time to really dedicate to Calorie Free Creations.

I also was very blessed to be able to work on some wonderful pieces for friends and family that have kept me VERY busy this last there really hasn't been any time!! Time....who has any these days right?

Anywho, Calorie-Free Creations is now back in business......but you will notice things are a bit different. I am still doing paintings (they are and always will be my first love....sorry Cliff! lol), but I have now added to my painted little family in the form of my new line of jewelry called
"Arm Candy"......wonderful wooden bangles...all handpainted and varnished and ready to be worn and lusted after :)

"Arm Candy" started with a very simple idea......I wanted to make matching bangles for my SIL and I with our monograms.......something that NO ONE else had, and more importantly, something from the heart. Thus...the "Arm Candy" line was born. It has recently expended to include a few College teams ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!! As well as my most recent addition, one named "HOPE", a pink ribbon-themed bangle created for a friend of my SIL who was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

So all in all......painting for family......a hubby still deployed......a new line of jewelry...oh, and a promotion to Director with Scentsy! I am now a Director over my team of TWENTY-SEVEN girls........amazing, blessed by each and every one of them. So....busy busy....and headed into the Holiday season I don't see that stopping anytime soon!

The one other change you might notice is that I (for now) will not be listing things in my Etsy shop. I WILL still be taking custom requests/orders...but I am staying busy with those close to home with all of you & those from my Facebook page, so for Etsy shop is on Holiday!

Message me if you want something done or would like to see more of my work, or mosey on over to my Facebook page: to see my work OR the newest news with Scentsy.

Have a wonderful Day & I am thrilled to be back!

Love & Cupcakes

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