Thursday, October 28, 2010

Going forward

Roll Tide!!!!!
I have gotten in my newest shipment of bangles and I have to say I.Am.Excited. :) For the first time in awhile I have so many ideas I have had to pull out my sketchpad and try and keep up! I have already gotten in requests for a few so I have some to work on for now, but I am in the process of trying to figure out my Holiday deadline-----
Not only do I make your bangles custom, I also gift-wrap and ship (either to you or your recipient) for free, and since I am a one-woman operation it all takes time. PLUS......I have a Homecoming to prepare for in the not too distant future ;) And for that I will be taking some time off.

SO....if YOU have an idea in mind, or a custom requests for now or for a potential Christmas present, let me know! I accept paypal, and I DO do trades (I <3 other Etsy shop owners!)----prices for my bangles range from:

1in wooden bangle- $10-15 (no monogram available on this size)

2 in wooden bangle- $20 for patterns (zebra/polka dots/.etc)
$20-25 for Team designs (contact me for exact quote)
$25 for design with Monogram
(this is my most popular size!)

2 1/2 in grooved wooden bangle- $30, with 1/2 proceeds benefiting the Susan G. Komen
Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness.
(contact me for availability!)

***As always, I love a challenge, so if YOU have a design you would love to have brought to life....let me know! You can contact me at

Love & Cupcakes,

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