Thursday, October 28, 2010

Scentsy Time!

So I have *somewhat* caught you up on what's going on in my ART world....what about in the world o' Scentsy?

Well a LOT of new things are happening! I now have a fantastic team of almost 32 girls in over 10 states helping to spread the word about what a great product Scentsy is.....WHAT??!$#$ You are new to my page and don't know what Scentsy is?? Here's a quick recap:

Scentsy is a Godsend for people like me who are forgetful and/or have a bazillion things going on (usually at the same time), some will call Scentsy a "candle", and though...YES it will make your home smell *AMAZING* Scentsy is very different because:

*Scentsy has NO WICKS
*and perhaps most important, our wax warms just above body temperature....huh? What that means is that should curious hands get ahold of the melted wax, there will be NO burns! Unlike candle wax which can scorch and scar, this paraffin based wax is just like your hand/foot treatments at the nail salon! So you can be assured that your little ones are safe AND that your warmer can be left on when you leave the house.

Basically you have these super cool warmers (full-sized, mid-sized or plug-ins) that would fit every decor that plug in and warm a super scented wax by the heat of a 15/20 or 25 watt lightbulb......pretty cool huh? And with 80+ scents to choose from don't tell me you can't find at least a *few* you like!

Here is my site:

And HERE are some of the cool NEW items that Scentsy has come out with for Fall (yes, you could TOTALLY get a real catalog from me, I'll mail it to you! But in case you are impatient :)

That's right, you can use scent AND support your favorite team (ROLL TIDE btw!).......we are adding new teams all the time....what? You can't see yours? Head over to my site and check out ALL the teams we have available now in our "Campus Collection"....oh, and know that with the purchase of each of *these* warmers, a portion goes to support that college as well!

"Love, Life, Hope" a beautiful sentiment for a beautiful cause.....if you have read previous post, you know that Breast Cancer Awareness is a cause that's very dear to me, as I type this I have this particular warmer on my kitchen counter.
Oorah! That's right...Scentsy now has a Marine Corps warmer!! (And Army, Navy and Air Force) My husband is a Marine so you can imagine how thrilled I was to see this collection come out------This warmer along with the other branches make up our "Patriot Collection", as as with the college warmers.....whichever branch you buy (MARINES...just sayin' lol), get a certain amount of the proceeds. I don't know many people who DON'T have someone connected to the military in their life, again a great present that supports a great organization.

Imagine sneaking in to peek on your little one all snuggled in their crib.....*sigh* imagine being able to sneak in and out WITHOUT waking them up! Scentsy's new Nursery Collection allows you to do just that.....not only can you warm a soft sweet scent, the warmer has a soft glow that works perfectly as a nightlight. Illuminating such nursery rhymes as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb" will give YOU peace of mind knowing YOUR little one is having sweet peaceful dreams.

And possibly our most fun new addition, the Scentsy Buddies! Amazingly cute stuffed critters with a secret zippered compartment in the back where you can slip a scent pak (a smallish ouch full of Scentsy-scented beads) to smell delicious! I gave my youngest son the Monkey with the Mochadoodle scent pak and his exact words were "my Monkey smells like hot cocoa!!" :) My oldest is a huge Bama fan (yep, mama is proud!), so he HAD to have the elephant and I ordered the French Lavender to go inside. Not only do I think that it helps him makes his room smell pretty good too! Also, each Buddy comes WITH a scent pak....when you're tired of that scent there are 15 more you can choose from. Also, each Buddy comes with a secret code that you can register at where you can learn about their favorite foods, their best friends....and also print off coloring pages and other games. These are already proving to be a massive hit for Christmas and it's not even Halloween yet!
Which brings me to the Holidays......Our "Give Thanks" warmer is the "warmer-of-the-month" for October, meaning that you get an extra 10% if you purchase this month, but we have a HUGE selection of Holiday warmers.....a Menorah warmer, Gingerbread Man, Heavenly (a beautiful non-glazed warmer with angels) and even a new glossy blue warmer with the Nativity scene. In later post I will post more pictures, but if you want to see them now & get a jump start on your holiday buying (who wants to wait until Black Friday??), head on over to my site!

Love & Cupcakes

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