Thursday, April 30, 2009

Welcome Everyone!

Hi Everybody! My name is LoLo & I make art. I however am new to making a "blog" so bear with me these first few entries as I get my internet "sea-legs" :) I am a SAHM who has been job-hunting like crazy lately when I realized something....I went from having a clear vision of the job I was looking for, to just plain looking for A job! I had given up hope of finding anything when I had this breakthrough of sorts. I had been so focused on the many closing doors, I hadn't really taken the time to see that a few small windows had opened in their place. And while art is not (and will NEVER be a 9-5 job), it was something I:

1) Loved to do,

2)Was able to do (though mostly during nap-time, and post bedtime routines),

3)Could make a little money from,

4)And was something I was good at!

In school I rememeber asking my Diddy (what I call my Dad) how you know you have found the "right" job. His response was, "When you can pay your bills and can get up and look forward to going to work each morning." Pretty simple right? Only took me 10 years to follow it.......

So here I am making my "debut", with the art I have completed. A lot of these first pictures are of things I painted for my own home. I have always have appreciation for custom artwork, just haven't always had the wallet....there for I decorated my home the only way I knew how, by hand!

I hope eventually to have many followers to my blog, so feel free to share with anyone you feel would enjoy it. While the main focus will be on my new "career" (and I use that word VERY lightly), I'm sure things of a humerous nature will come up.....I have 2 little boys, how can they NOT??

So, stick with me and we will see where this little blog adventure goes.....until next time,
"Eat a cupcake, Cupcakes make everything better!"



  1. you know I love ALL your stuff! Can't wait to see the rest you will come up with!

  2. Awwww, you know the MINUTE you finally get your behind back over here to the West Coast, I will paint you *whatever* you want. All you have to do is make me your homemade cookies!