Thursday, April 30, 2009

YAY! So I am finally finished with my projects that were in "progress" lol The 1st is a larger version of one I just did in my "Drinking" set, it is the partner to the large martini glass with both being 16x20.

The next are a 3-piece set I refer to as "Kitchen-Aids"...get it? KitchenAid? Yep, I'm tired...well I thought it was funny! They are the hallmark of what I like to paint....making something that you see almost everyday into something fun.

Lastly I have my wooden spoons-----the painted set I did to go along with the "Drinking" set of 4 paintings. While those are for looks *ONLY*, the 4-piece set is ready to use. I have wood-burned them with a B,C & F for beef, chicken & fish...along with one for pasta. Though the chicken one needs a bit of work (haven't drawn a lot of chicken legs thankyouverymuch), I think they turned out rather cute.

My Diddy showed me how to use a wood-burning set a loooooong time ago & while I have done a few pictures here and there, the wooden spoons have always been my favorite. I even have some that I use to cook most dinners that I made back in 2003!

Well that is it for now------I have a few great pieces I will be sketching up this weekend & look forward to beginning the first of next week. Cliff (my sweet, patient husband) is home now through the weekend, so I am off to have some great "family" time......this being typed as one son sits in the corner and the other is upstairs having a tantrum. Ahhh, peace & quiet....yeah right!
Have a great weekend everyone, and have a cupcake!

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