Tuesday, June 16, 2009

EWC Meeting

So---I have been invited to take part in this month's Enlisted Wives Club meeting. From what I understand this month focus is on homemade crafts and at-home businesses. The VP found my blog & asked me to come and set up a table--------yay! I have been wanting to join the EWC and this gives me the perfect opportunity---both to meet new women out here and to promote CFC :)

On another fun side note---I have now ordered my new "official" business cards.......'cause nothing says "professional" like printed-at-home business cards LOL

So tomorrow is set up & then the meeting is at 7pm------plan to take more of my popular pieces (as well as a piece that is being raffled off), and hope to garner some new orders. I have an entire new series I am working on & will post the first of (who knows how many), soon.

*******I also have taken up the position of Independent Scentsy Consultant. If you haven't heard of Scentsy you are really missing out-----if you love for YOUR home to smell amazing check it out at:


Have a great "rest of the week" everyone-------husband is gone *again* this time to 29 Palms for the night, so I am hoping to get more work done for the meeting tomorrow. Will also be debuting my new line of coasters------cute, bright and completely customizable!

Love & Cupcakes

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