Friday, June 5, 2009

Newest Work-Custom Orders

These are some of the newest pieces I have finished! Things have been busy around here and I am happy to have gotten so much finished this week :)
The first two pieces also have photos to show the detail.....frustrating at times because a lot of the (very time-intensive) detail just doesn't show up in pictures! The "Happy Place" piece was a custom order (she wanted the heart & quote, the rest was left to me), and each of the circles as you can see, include lots of smaller details....they each also have their own pale green Swarovski crystal!
The "Sushi for One" is also a custom order and was made to be a partner to my previous Sushi piece. I have mixed an additive into the paint and if you look in the up close picture you will see that the rice is 3-D. Pieces can always be made WITHOUT the the 3-D elements......but frankly I think that's what makes them different. :)
The last photo may look familiar as I have made the salt & pepper "Perfect Pair" shakers before-----this was a custom order for a previous customer to match the equally bright pieces I have already completed for her kitchen.
*******Excited to have these fun pieces completed as now I have time to work on MORE orders! The Etsy shop has been a wonderful thing & I encourage you to go and have a look around, as I will be adding new pieces all the time! Also---feel free to contact me to do a custom piece for YOU, and I will set up a custom listing in my shop.
Have a fantastic weekend everyone!
Love & Cupcakes
Lo *CP's Resident Art Monkey*

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