Saturday, August 15, 2009


There are LOADS of great new products being introduced, available for purchase starting September 1st!

Along with our usual great items, Scentsy now will be offering

-mid-size warmers (slightly smaller than the deluxe warmers) and only $25
-New Deluxe warmers with rub-on vinyls to make them your CUSTOM creations
-New Scentsy tins for the car (adjustable for how much scent you prefer)

As well as 9 new deluxe warmers, over 6 new plug-ins....NOT including the nautical themed ones (think seashells and starfish)...

...aaaannnnndddddHERE is the list of the new scents for Fall/Winter 2009 Available starting SEPTEMBER 1ST.....(Along with the scents come new catagories as well....think Spa, and the new "Scentsy Man" for more masculine smells :)

poinsettia pine
christmas tree
cozy fireside
holiday kiss
pomegranate ice
red chili masala
spiced grapefruit
winter wonderland
caramel spice
coconut macaroon
cutiepie cupcake
key lime cookie
raspberry danish
african mahogany
pretty in pink
satin sheets
taj mahal
mineral springs
boysenberry moss
mineral springs
mountain retreat
olive wood & cypress
coffee shop
green tea smoothie
holiday chai
grapefruit berry
red berry tea

Feel free to message & see what Scentsy has for YOU! Also message me if YOU would like to become a consultant :)********ALSO, Scentsy is now available to ship to Canada!

*****************As a special from NOW until THURSDAY---if you place an order on my website of $50+ I will send you a bar of your choice from this new line!

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