Monday, September 14, 2009

School Time, School Time.....

So....... for those of you that are parents, you KNOW what an exciting time of year this is! My oldest has started kindergarten.....and while this alone is a amazingly wonderful thing, well, it has left me feeling a bit out of sorts.

For has been a great chance for me to spend one-on-one with my youngest......but it has also been tough seeing as their daddy is away for training, and he is missing more and more as each day goes by. For my art this is a wonderful development.....seeing as I rarely sleep while he is away......for my boys it has been tough.

I'm sure most of you have noticed that lately my blog has focused more on Scentsy than painting....I really didn't plan it that way, I have just genuinely fallen in love with the company! Plus, since my time has been limited that last several weeks getting ready for school.....well it has just been a more worthwhile venture. That being said, I have felt something missing for is just that release for me. Relaxing and stressful at once, there is just nothing like the feeling of working and working on something........and having the most brilliant product at the end to show for it. (Kind of like having children :)

So I DO have several projects that are in the midst & once completed YOU will be the first to see them. I started this blog & my shop with the hope that someone make take notice & like what I do........but it has done so much for me, and I am ready to get back to the basics of what it is all about. So if YOU have been interested in having something made for your home, a friends', a Wedding/Birthday/Day of the Dead.....let me know, as I consider myself now back in business :)

I hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful week, take time to pause and find the beauty in something that would ordinarily pass you by.....

Love & Cupcakes,


*****And should you have fallen in love with Scentsy, be sure to check out their new Fall/Winter catalog available on The holidays are fast approaching & Scentsy really is that company where you can get gifts for anyone in your life! Included is a photo of the upcoming "Warmer of the Month" for October.......our Jack O'Lantern for September was the fastest selling yet & is now on if you see something Snatch It Up!
****Also----please note that though the warmer above looks matte in appearance, it actually has a very high-gloss finish. Not sure if you can read that little piece of info in the photo----they used a matte version for photography purposes, but it will be a high gloss as are much of the warmers we offer :)

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