Friday, October 2, 2009

Cupcake Love

So while I have been super busy these last few weeks...that does NOT mean I haven't been painting! :) This is one I actually had started a little while back & finally got around to finishing. As one person pointed out to me, "hey, that cupcake isn't perfect on both sides!".......

nope! You get a gold star for noticing! lol I actually drew out the cupcake & then used the drawing as a reverse stencil. Could I have made it identical on both sides? Sure.....but when in real life have you ever seen a perfectly symmetrical cupcake?

Though speaking of desserts, here on Camp Pendleton I HAVE seen some amazing cupcakes & cookies from an extremely talented woman named Yazmin, you can find her & her goodies at:

*****My work looks beautiful....but hers you can eat! ::laugh::

For those of you wondering what I am up to next...I have several things up my sleeve getting ready for the holidays! Snowmen will be a recurring theme as I happen to collect them. Also icy blues/whites & home is quite divided at Christmas-time. Most of my home is a traditional red/green & gold (last year my tree was red/blue & gold and had a yellow ribbon for a topper as my husband was deployed..........this year he is home so it will be very special)------but getting into my kitchen and dining area......well, then you get into the are of Blue & white and snowflakes. What probably helped this obsession was our 3 years spent in New England while my husband was on Recruiting Duty. It also spurred my love of the Fall with the visable sweeping into Fall with leaves changing and brisk weather.

I am starting to now begin work on holiday orders, so if there is something that YOU would like to have made for a loved one (or yourself...:) Please let me know. I haven't updated my Etsy shop that recently because of how busy things have been, but I am still taking & working on custom orders!

With that being said, I hope everyone is enjoying the walk into Fall........this is my first Fall actually spent here in California and I have to say that, though there are no leaves changing colors, the weather actually reminds me of Georgia here lately. In the mornings it is in the 50s-60s, but by the time I go to pick my son up from school I have already changed into something short-sleeved. Also, I hear that in California you DO get the Fall colors......though instead of yellows, ambers, and golds on the trees it generally come sin the form of *FIRE*..........Our fire season has started, so just say a little prayer that they won't be as bad as in years past.

Will be updating with Scentsy news soon as well, I have just recieved the sneak peek into Scentsy's CHRISTMAS COLLECTION! That's right, 6 new warmers and 4 new plug-ins just in time for the holidays. So if you are a fan of Holly, Snowflakes, Snowmen, Santas or Angels.....well you are in luck. That collection should be available to view online at my site on Oct 15th (if I don't sneak it on here earlier :) And will be available for purchase on November 1st. There is one major difference with these though......they will be WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

SO............, stop on by the site (it has had a COMPLETE makeover as of October 1st) ... and if you see something you love PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me here or on my Scentsy site so that I can pre-order yours. Last year the Holiday warmers were sold-out within a week.....................likewise our super cute Jack O'lantern warmer is sold out now & is back-ordered through the end of November (so if you missed it I'm sorry!!) If you "have to have" our fall warmer "Plymouth", you need to let me know or go on my site and get yours ordered----------------getting into the holiday seaso nthings are picking up and they are running out!
***Scentsy is now available in CANADA as of October 1st!
Love & Cupcakes Everyone!


  1. thank you! With as much as I love cupcakes I was looking around...I don't have near enough in my own home!