Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cupcakes & Autobots....what a fun combination :)

So, this week I finished up a very wide variety of projects lol

First up -------> This is a painting I finished for my husband. He always has complained that I don't "paint him anything"......he better be lucky that I didn't make a whole SLEW of cupcakes for his office!

He has just finished up the majority of a course that has been his toughest yet, I wanted him to know I was proud of him & that we as a family (me & my boys) support him.

The final 2 paintings are each done on 8x10 canvas boards:

One is the Autobots logo from the movie "Transformers", it is a gift for my son, as his 5th party (being celebrated today!) is Transformer themed.

The 2nd is another one of my "Monogram Cupcakes", done for a close friend to give to her cupcake :)

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  1. Lauren, the Marine painting is AMAZING!!! And I have a feeling in the future (like 5 years) I will be ordering an Autobot painting :)