Sunday, October 4, 2009

Exciting News :)

That's right! Scentsy has just unveiled their new Holiday Collection--------available to view on my website ( on October 15th, these warmers will be available to PURCHASE starting November 1st.

The upside? You have time to *save* to get all of your well as get a jump on your holiday shopping!

The downside? They are available for purchase on November 1st WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! You will have to get these ASAP, as last year they were sold out within a week!

*******Also------as you all know I have not has a LARGE amount of time to paint lately.......well the girls and I all sat down for a painting session today & I have gotten SO MUCH done! As it stand I have 3 projects about half way done, and FOUR that will be finished tomorrow :) As always, when I finish I will post pictures. Hard to believe it, but my soon-to-be 5 year old was the inspiration for one of the largest projects I have done thus far......and is turning out to be one of my favs!

Good night everyone-----12 hours of almost solid painting and I still feel hyped up.....but would like to at least have *some* energy to finish things up tomorrow LOL----until then

Love & Cupcakes,

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