Friday, October 23, 2009

FINISHED....for now :)

The beginning of my Holiday pieces.....

I have been collecting Snowmen for several years.....a collection that started rather reluctantly I might add.

First I was given a Snowman for decoration...then the boys picked out cute Snowmen ornaments.....and well, downhill it went until it turned into a big ball of Snowman love :)

This one is one I had in my sketchbook for a few weeks now & I decided it was time to bring him to *life*.......and what would one of MY snowmen be without a cupcake to offer??

A 16x20 wrapped canvas, painted with acrylics, sparkle and a little bit of magic*

This was also a idea in my sketchbook that I am pleased to have finished. A trio of 5x7 canvas boards to prop up for decoration or hang.

The first set being for the more Traditional, and the 2nd for people like myself & my Sister-in-Crime, Jess.

My new addition to my otherwise red/black/white "Fat Chef" you can imagine it matches marvelously :)

Will hopefully learn to take my advice by reading this each day.

A 5x5 wooden square painted with acrylics (what else?), and about 3 coats of high-gloss varnish for a shiny hard finish.

This I had actually seen elsewhere on shirts, etc.......but when I came across this perfect 16in round canvas, well, I knew that it was time that the Hostess cupcake paid a visit to MY kitchen :)

Painted with acrylics and a high-gloss varnish, I even tried to see how it would look wrapped in cellophane....(you know, like the REAL thing).....

Let's just say that didn't go so well! I am planning sometime soon to take my friend Rosa up on her idea to paint another......that way it can have a pair like it should :)

Of COURSE it belongs between an ice cream & spoon painting.........what else would you expect my kitchen area to look like?

SOOOOOO, that is it for now, but my wheels are still turning I can assure you. If there is something YOU would like to order for someone for the holidays (or yourself.....:) Just send me a message and we can get started.

Love & Cupcakes Everyone...and TGIF!

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  1. Thanks girl! I have been doing this snowman for a few years now. Last year he was a big hit, but this year I have only made two. I need to get busy :)
    I LOVE this snowman and a cupcake. Too cute!