Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NEW art :) Orange is for Carrot......

So, as you have read prior here on my blog, my oldest has started Kindergarten this year, and this is what has come of his inspiration :) These are 2 matching 18x24 in canvas & painted using acrylics. This song is to introduce all of the colors, and here are the lyrics:

Orange is for Carrot,
Yellow is for Pear,
Purple is for Plum...
and Brown is for Bear.

Green is the Grass,
Blue is the Sky,
and Black is a Witch's Hat...
and Red is Cherry Pie!

This is a picture of the custom crayons I made to use as favors for Ethan's birthday party. They were made of previously used crayons broken up & then melted down into new shapes. I thought they turned out great & it has opened up a whole avenue of other cute ideas (and shapes) that can be re-purposed.

Love & Cupcakes!

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