Monday, January 24, 2011

Well HELLO 2011!!

So being that I am still not 100% after my surgery I have no new paintings to "report" :) I am up to my ears in it's a good combination for now!

As it stands, right now is a VERY busy time for everyone involved with Scentsy being that we are about to go through *Transition*....."What is this Transition?" you say? happens twice a year and it's when we either go from our Fall/Winter catalog to our Spring/Summer (like in this case) or when we are going from our Spring/Summer to our Fall/Winter catalog (like we usually do in August). It is a larger undertaking in that we are discontinuing a large number of items, coming out (usually) with even more, and to me...I like to make sure that ALL of my customers know about it so they don't miss out on buying their favorite items!

*****Almost NOTHING bugs me more than going to buy something I love and finding out it has been "discontinued".... FAIL!

So.......with that all being said, HERE is what will be discontinued as of February 28,2011:

Guava Nectar

Sentimental Cider

Central Park Pralines

Christmas Cottage

Christmas Tree

Cozy Fireside

Eskimo Kiss




Spiced Grapefruit

Winter Wonderland


Vanilla Suede


Rustic Lodge



Pineapple Paradise

Tropical Twist

Cranberry Spice

Just Peachy Ginger

Pumpkin Roll

Toasted Caramel Sugar

Vanilla Walnut

Maple Butter

Silver Bells

*******So if any of those were your might want to start saving up because there is no guarantee that they will ever be brought back (sigh...Lemon Lavender...learn from MY mistake!)

Order online at Or just send me a message on Facebook as to what you love/hate in scents and we can find you the perfect match out of our 80+.

Love & Cupcakes,

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