Monday, January 24, 2011

My What a Holiday Season it was!

First to catch up on a few more of the bangles I did during the amazing Holiday season........ This has to have been one of my favorites, even with as simple as it was. "Sparrow" was a custom order...though I will say that I totally can see one of these in my future...... ;)

This "Rams" bangle was also a custom order with polka dots wrapped around it......made for a coach's wife, the woman who ordered it was very particular about the specifications....but she was dead-on about the look and I LOVED how it turned out, totally perfect for Football season!

I apologize for not having been on top of posting over the holiday season.....with as busy as the season can get for everyone in general...2 very important things also happened for my family. My husband came home from deployment overseas & I had major surgery just 1 1/2 wks after Christmas. that we are all caught up.........


  1. Loving those bangles and you so look like Addison Montgomery. Has anyone told you that?

  2. Thank you on BOTH accounts! I actually had to look her up (can you tell I don't watch Grey's?? lol)..I hadn't been told that before, but what a sweet compliment...she is very pretty!