Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let it Snow....or at least let it get cold!!

Here in California at least.....I don't want to be wearing shorts on Christmas! :)

This bangle is only the 2nd of many Christmas bangles I'm sure...but this one, well this one is for ME! This bangle was modeled after a painting I did last year that I LOVED......plus I just love snowmen in general. When I started doing bangles earlier this year I remembered this painting and immediately sketched out a design of him for when I "had time" to paint for myself.
The "sketchy" designs are the same, right down to the ridges on the carrot nose. There were also some added touches of Swarovski crystal "berries" to make him sparkle.....you can never have too much sparkle right?

On the back I also added a single raised white snowflake and both larger and smaller Swarovski crystals......it reminds me of how the snow use to sparkle as it fell when my husband and I were stationed in Maine, there was truly nothing more magical.

As this design was modeled after my previous painting, it can be used as an example of a Christmas design....but will not be replicated.

Love & Cupcakes,

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