Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas time is here again!

So this particular bangle is very special to me.....as you all know I LIVE for bright colorful (and mostly obnoxious designs :) And this is as close to traditional as I will get. My Momma asked me to make her a bangle for Christmas which was really touching.....she asked that it be "cherry red and have Holly on it"....when I pointed out that Holly has red berries (and thus it wouldn't show up that great on a red background) her response? "You'll figure something out" lol

So I did.....While I adore and live for painting I can honestly say that I stressed most about making this piece for her. I wanted something that was both my "style" and fun for the Holidays...but that was traditional enough where she would actually wear it! LOL

I think I accomplished both goals with my "Holly" bangle.....So this being my first actual Christmas bangle and it being for my Momma...well it has Sentimental value to me.......adding in Swarovski crystal "berries" also gave it a fun touch that both made it festive AND solved my berry "problem"!

So I have posted this to share with all of you as an example of a Christmas design ....but I will not be replicating this bangle, it is special and truly one-of-a-kind for a one-of-a-kind woman <3
I hope all of you are having fun gearing up for the Holiday season, feel free to message me if you would love to have a special one-of-a-kind gift for YOUR special someone!

Love & Cupcakes,

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